OMEP UK early Childhood Sustainable Citizenship Award

The OMEP-UK Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship (ESC) Award was developed in response to work that was carried out in an OMEP collaboration involving ten countries (Siraj-Blatchford et al, 2016). The work was also informed by a 2014 commissioned Evaluation of the impact of the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development and by our association with UNESCO and its Global Action Programme for Education for Sustainable Development (between 2015-2019). Developments continue in association with the UNESCO Greening Schools Accreditation Intiative.

Introduction to the award and promotional flyer

The key areas of practice addressed by the Bronze Level Audit

Call for Global partners

The OMEP UK ESC Award and Montessori Practice

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Introduction to the ESC Award

OMEP ESC Award UK Case Studies

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability 

Early Years TV (EYTV)extract

Research and Development

Environmental Rating Scale for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood
The OMEP Educational Rating Scale for Sustainable Development in Early Childhood (ERS-SDEC) was developed with UNESCO support in an international collaboration of OMEP preschools and academics from 10 countries.

The Three Pillars of sustainability

Useful Publications

Siraj-Blatchford, J., Brock, L., Moyle, V. and Yewman, D. (2021) An Evaluation of the OMEP UK Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship AwardEducation and City: Quality Education for Modern Cities, European Proceedings of Educational Sciences, Vol. 2.