Children’s Charter

If a country invests in its children, it invests in the future.

OMEP believes that all children:

  • Are entitled to all they need to realise their full potential and for the healthy growth and development of their minds, bodies and emotions.
  • Should have the right to a secure, happy and healthy childhood.
  • Need opportunities to grow up in a family where they experience the love, care and time of adults who are special to them.
  • Should know the security of peace in their childhood and be sheltered from conflict.
  • Are entitled to opportunities to learn and understand appropriate to their needs.
  • Are entitled to play, grow and learn in safe and exciting environments, free from harm and worry.
  • Need opportunities and support to grow up with an attitude of tolerance and understanding of themselves and others.
  • Should be encouraged to be proud of their name, their identity, their home language, their religion and their culture.
  • Are entitled to the high quality services and facilities they need in the area of care, education, health, housing, law and recreation, provided by appropriately trained, qualified and experienced adults.
  • Need opportunities and support to understand and consider the rules and expectations of the society in which they grow up.
  • Need opportunities to make some choices and to develop self-discipline.
  • Should be free from exploitation by adults. Their hearts, minds and bodies belong to them and must not be violated.
  • Should have their rights and needs of childhood upheld and preserved by adults.
  • Have the right not to be discriminated against for any reason including race, sex, class and disability.
  • Should be respected as citizens in their own right.