About Us

OMEP aims to defend and promote the rights of children, particularly their right to education and care worldwide. OMEP is represented in 67 countries with member states in every continent. Together we can be a powerful voice.

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OMEP UK Constitution

OMEP World Aims

  • Contribute to the consolidation of universal and comprehensive public policies, which ensure equitable, inclusive, quality and adequately funded ECCE.
  • Promote global and national initiatives and strategies that ensure the full exercise of the human right to education and care for all children, from birth to 8 years of age, with an “educare”.
  • Expand and disseminate pedagogical knowledge, based on research and developing spaces and opportunities for the joint construction of knowledge, in order to enrich teaching practices and ensure educational quality.
  • Strengthen the work and professional development of educators through training, continuous updating, and participatory research.
  • Recognize the knowledge and experiences of educators integrating their vision in the elaboration of global policies and strategies related to ECCE.
  • Value the role and voices of young children, demanding consideration of their perspectives and the compliance with the principle of best interests of the child, both in policy formulation and in educational practices.
  • Consolidate international cooperation with organizations of the United Nations system, States and their education systems, civil society organizations and universities, in order to create synergies to collaborate in the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.
  • Deepen democracy and participation within the organization by ensuring its enrichment through the incorporation of new members, along with the recognition of the trajectory of its partners, strengthening its institutional culture and sustainability.
  • Capitalize and make visible the achievements of the projects developed by OMEP, highlighting the diversity, variety and wealth of knowledge, actions, experiences and trajectories of National Committees.