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The 72nd World Assembly and Conference 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Conference 2020 will not be going ahead as planned in 2020, but has been scheduled for 2021 in Greece instead. More information about the event can be found on the website.

Past events

Seminar – Partnership with Parents in Early Childhood Settings 2021

The launch of Partnership with Parents in Early Childhood Settings was a great success! This book was the outcome of a project involving five European OMEP countries, and this launch seminar was a wonderful introduction to the book. The event was held in January 2021 and was a sell out, with guests from across the globe!

Ingrid Engdahl – Sustainability and children’s rights: even during a pandemic 2020

Ingrid, the VP for Europe, joined us in December 2020 to present a seminar exploring sustainability and children’s rights. The presentation certainly offered food for thought and much for us to consider! Thank you Ingrid.

The ESC Award Seminar 2020

This event was held on Wednesday 11th November 2020, and was a sell out event! Attendees heard from settings who are implementing the Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Citizenship Award across the UK. Do you want to know more about this award? You can find out more here!

The OMEP UK AGM 2020

We were hoping to hold our 2020 AGM and Seminar in Liverpool in October 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this event was hosted online on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

OMEP UK and ECSDN seminar 2019

OMEP UK was pleased to be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the UNCRC with a seminar, jointly with the Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network. It was held in Cambridge on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th November 2019. The main speakers were Professor Cathy Nutbrown and Dr Jane Murray, and the event was a sell out! It was a wonderful celebration and networking opportunity.

OMEP UK AGM and Annual Seminar 2019

The OMEP UK Annual Seminar and AGM was held at the University of Portsmouth on Saturday 12th October 2019. The seminar guest speaker was Mallika Kanyal, author of ‘Children’s Rights 0-8: Promoting Participation in Education and Care’ and she talked about the 30th anniversary of the UNCRC and some of her work. We also heard about the OMEP World Conference in Panama this year, as Megan McGee joined us to share her experience! Megan was one of our sponsored students.

OMEP World Assembly and Conference, in Panama 2019

The event was attended by several members of the OMEP UK team including two students who were sponsored by OMEP UK to attend the conference! OMEP European Conference, in Lisbon, 2019

The European OMEP Conference in 2019 was held in Lisbon in May. The theme was Education for Sustainable Development – you can find out more here

OMEP UK 2018 Annual Seminar and AGM

Our seminar, ‘OMEP UK Past, Present and Future’ and AGM were held on Saturday 17th November.

A talk by Shelly Newstead: Leading Researcher, Writer and Editor on Adventure Playgrounds, Playwork and Childhood about OMEP Founder Lady Allen of Hurtwood was presented. This was followed by members of OMEP UK coming together to discuss challenges, priorities and ideas for 2019 within OMEP UK.

70th Anniversary Celebration 2018

In June 2018 World OMEP returned to Prague, the site of its first World Assembly and conference, to celebrate the organization’s 70th anniversary.

The World Assembly was held on June 25 and 26, 2018 and the World Conference took place on June 27 – 29. IT was a remarkable celebration, looking backwards at our history and accomplishments and forward to our future as one of the world’s oldest and largest international early childhood organizations.

More information can be found about the conference here on the official 70th World Conference website.