April 1, 2015

Keeping Your Children Healthy in 2014

If you’re busy wrapping presents to go under the tree and planning Christmas dinner for the family, you may have also started thinking ahead and making resolutions for 2015. Many of us make a vow to live a healthier and happier life in the New Year and if you want to make positive changes to your family’s health next year, here are some simple ways to keep children healthy:

Encourage healthy eating

Diet plays such an important role in adult and children’s health, and it’s really beneficial for children to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet from an early age. Encourage your kids to get involved in preparing meals and cooking, and make mealtimes enjoyable. Try to eat together as a family and offer healthy meals that contain all the major food groups. If your kids are reluctant to eat fruit and vegetables, try hiding them by pureeing them and adding them to pasta sauces and soups or making your own smoothies and juices at home. Introducing children to a wide range of foods from an early age usually helps to reduce the risk of them becoming fussy. A healthy diet will encourage development and growth and also help to strengthen the immune system, the body’s defence against infections and illnesses.

Supervise teeth cleaning and keep up to date with dental visits

Dental health is really important for children, so encourage your kids to get used to a daily regime that includes brushing their teeth twice a day. Supervise teeth cleaning to make sure children are doing a good job and brushing for the recommended time, and ensure kids go to the dentist for regular check-ups. Orthodontic problems are common in children and teenagers, so dental visits at The Frederick Dental Clinic are essential. Dentists can often spot signs from an early age and usually, it’s best to wear braces during the teenage years as the results are better and treatment times are shorter. There are now lots of different types of brace available, so children don’t have to worry about dealing with anxiety about how they look or what their friends will say about their braces.

Encourage an active lifestyle

Obesity among children is becoming increasingly prevalent and this is largely due to diet and inactivity. Many children now spend much more time in front of a computer or the television than they do running around outside or playing games with their friends. Try to encourage your children to be as active as possible, go out for family days and play sports together. If your children like to watch television or play computer games, this is fine, but try to limit the time they spend in front of a screen and combine this with outdoor pursuits and physical exercise. Sport not only reduces the risk of obesity and related health problems, but it also fosters a host of good habits and teaches kids important life skills, such as working as a team, learning to lose gracefully, playing by the rules and channelling energy in a positive way.

Promote good hygiene

Good hygiene is essential for good health, so encourage your children to wash twice a day and ensure you wash clothes, towels and bed linen on a regular basis.


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Ideas to educate, entertain and aid your child this Christmas

If you’re a parent with small children then you’re probably half dreading Christmas at the moment. The kids are probably already sky high at the thought of Santa’s visit and all those presents he’s going to bring – and there’s still a couple of weeks to go! One of the most difficult times to keep young ones entertained and happy over the Christmas period is Christmas Day itself. They’re undoubtedly cranky after being up half the night, all the grown-ups are tired and having a doze in front of the TV and you’re busy wishing you bought a stop snoring surgery treatment for your husband rather than that new computer game he wanted. Naturally, it’s left to mum to keep them entertained. If you’re lucky the presents they got that morning will still have a novelty factor, but in case they’ve already grown tired of the toys already here are a few Christmas Day hints to keep the kids happy.

One of the best things you can do with children of any age is to take them outside for a walk, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a White Christmas. Unless the weather is really bad, everyone will appreciate the chance to get wrapped up warm and get some fresh air. You can either head out before dinner and work up an appetite or pop out between the Queen’s speech and dusk, to walk off some of that Christmas Pudding!

It may seem like an easy option, but don’t disregard the power of the TV on Christmas Day. The internet and adverts for Private Clinic Harley Street establishments can be forgotten. There is always a family film on somewhere and even if they’re unsuitable for your own children because of their age, there is bound to be a DVD somewhere in the pile of gifts. Sure, it’s a bit of a cop out but it’s your Christmas Day too!

Really eager mums can get a head start on next year’s Christmas by getting the children to help with a craft project. Take down some of your cards and transform them with some ribbon and glitter into gift tags or even tree decorations. Older children will amazingly appreciate the quiet time after all the chaos of Christmas morning – and they’ll be helping you out without them even realising it!

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