March 29, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery And Teenagers

plastic surgery markingsIn this new world of selfies, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and more, our looks are becoming even more important than ever before. Reality shows show young girls with long glossy locks, full make-up, tanned skin and perfect looks. This can lead to young teenagers feeling like they have to look a certain way in order to fit in. Cyber bullying is also incredibly destructive to the victim and can lead to depression and even suicide. Twenty or thirty years ago cosmetic surgery was something that was hardly ever discussed. It would be rare for us to actually know someone who had cosmetic surgery and you would not see it on TV or in movies very often.

Today everyone seems to know someone that has had some cosmetic work, or Botox. Treatments such as breast enlargement, nose jobs and liposuction are extremely common as is less invasive treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. Cosmetic dentistry is also becoming much more popular, with treatments such as veneers and whitening proving extremely popular. There is a range of private dentists that not only offer cosmetic dental treatments, but also even facial treatments like at Harley Street Orthodontic centre. They offer facial treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers to banish lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin. Whilst as adults it is up to us to decide if we want any cosmetic treatment, is it right for teenagers, even those that are legal adults at 18 to have procedures?

Whilst many of us have learnt to live with our flaws, there is a vast amount of pressure on teenagers of today to look a certain way. A large nose is easily fixed, small boobs? Well, why not have a boob job? But does having surgery at such a young age affect their health adversely? Are there any mental health implications?

There are always stories in the press where people have become addicted to cosmetic surgery and messed up their looks and bodies as well as those where the procedure has gone wrong. Many cosmetic procedures involve surgery, which is a dangerous and very serious treatment, which at worst can cause death. As adults it is important that we make sure that the young people we have in our lives know that they are beautiful just as they are. If they are unhappy with certain parts of their bodies there are simple solutions such as exercise, a new haircut and make-up application that can make the world of difference. Instilling self-confidence and self-belief at a young age can stop your teenager from feeling unhappy with themselves and more importantly, having surgery, which could affect their health.

Using social media makes it very difficult to control what our teenagers see and read. They need to be aware that looks are not the most important thing in life, and that they should not make it the sole priority in life. Having friends, interests, passions and hobbies as well as an education are vital in the battle with ‘selfie sticks’ and ‘trout pouts’.


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Five Questions That You Must Ask Professional Essay Writers

essay3When your college days are tough and demanding, you may need to take a little break.  This break should not be costly, which means that you must meet the deadlines as a far as submitting academic essay is concerned. And how do you then take a break? Well, you need to engage the experts to help you on the same.

Before you get excited about handing over your project or term paper to another person, you must be sure that you are dealing with the right people. You must be sure that the essay writing will turn out perfect, and that you will get the best marks in the final end.

Questions That Lead To the Truth
Some of the questions that you must ask professionals from various sites such as are:

  1. Who gets to handle your essay paper?

Essay writing can range from high school level to PHD projects, and it is wise to look for individuals who have attained a certain level of knowledge. More often than not, the writing companies only hire the graduates since they are likely to have done more than one project before their graduation. As such, they know their way around in this field, and will give you the best quality in the long run

You need to find a company that comes up with an individualistic approach to writing. This means that you should have an individual writer who is available and able to answer every query that you pose on this very course. You must also have a writer who is well known to offer quality papers and who can submit their papers in good time.

  1. Can you get some samples for the work done in the past?

Receiving some samples from a writer will help you know if you are dealing with the experts or not. You should compare the quality that is expected by your tutors against what the writer is able to offer you.

  1. Are the writers able to guarantee confidentiality?

You may not want your paper to be the center of discussion in blogs and social media. Still, every piece of information shared between you and the writers should be to some extent confidential. This necessitates you to search for the writers who can be trusted; writers who can keep this information to themselves.

  1. How much will you pay for the essay?

You must never empty your pockets as you try to have an essay paper done for you. As such, you must always compare prices between various writing companies or individuals. Most essay writers have the service charge written on their websites, and it will not take long before you find one that is affordable.

  1. Can you get your money back if you are not satisfied?

In many cases, you will always have the guarantee that you can demand for your money if you end up with a poor quality essay. However, you must ascertain that this is stated in the writer’s policies. Failure to do this will come with wastage of time and money in the long run.

Sitting Back While Quality Work Is Done
Having located the best writers, you may take a sign of relief and wait for the work to be done for you. Most of the writers can handle all sorts of topics, and you will only need to call them for the rest of the pending academic projects.

You will save a lot of costs and time by hiring the professional essay writers. When you could have been running from one place to another looking for information, someone else will run the errands for you. Further, when quality submissions could have been a challenge for you, someone else will work tirelessly to achieve this end. Most times, you will pay very reasonably for the same.

You should go through the work before submitting it to the lecturers or tutors. As you will find out from writers at, most of the writing companies are willing to do the necessary revisions until you are satisfied. They have also hired excellent customer care professionals to answer your every question concerning essay writing.

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How to find college essays online?

If you have different daily chores that do not allow sparing time for writing your terms papers, academic assignments or essays on various topics, there is no need to worry. has solved this problem by offering you services of the best professional writers who can provide you the best college essays at very affordable prices. Crazyessay owns a full-fledged system of writing, revising and proof reading the written assignments for its clients. Your satisfaction is money back guaranteed. All you have to do is to submit your request with all necessary details to Crazyessay. The accomplishment of the writing task will be done according to your given time.


The experts are allotted the topics of paper writing according to their experiences so that they are able to produce a best paper for their customers. The main purpose of is to assist their customers especially students. It helps them in their assignments, presentations and projects. Usually students find it difficult to do their assignments as it needs a lot of time to complete so they find out to get help from different people but are unable to get proper guidance and are unable to complete their assignments in specific time period and they have to face difficulty in getting score in their assignments and projects.

To overcome this situation, the only website that would help them to write my paper for me is It provides also its customers with proper guidance in their assignments and helps them to complete their assignments and projects within time. The clients are guaranteed that whatever stuff they ask to write, it would creative, genuine and free from plagiarism. It will not help you maintain your image in the class but will also fetch you the best grades in your teachers’ assessment. Furthermore, the terms papers and college essays you get from Crazyessay will enrich your knowledge and will help you learn to write by yourself.

You just have to place your order online and you have to mention your requirements and needs for that paper or assignment and within the time limit best paper will be provided to you by the team of The best way to get rid of the assignments and projects given to you is to contact that will help you to get rid of it easily and you are able to do your assignments and paper writing with the help of

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Childproof Your Gadgets

Many modern parents use gadgets to keep their children occupied; whether it is with a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Unfortunately children do not really understand how much these items cost, which is why as a parent you need to take steps to ensure that it is child proof before you let your children play with on the gadget. This isn’t just to protect the item itself, you can ensure that your child does not have access to any inappropriate content found on the internet. So if you want to ensure that your gadget lasts longer than a month, follow these steps to ensure that it is sufficiently child-proofed.

My dad's got it all figured out!

  1. Screen Protectors

We all know that kids have sticky fingers, so the first step to ensure that your phone or tablet is well protected is to apply screen protectors. If you have a new product it will more than likely arrive with one included, however it is always advisable to have a large stash of them available as they will provide protection from scratches, food and droplets of water. Ensure that you get stocked up in time for Christmas by heading to

  1. Turn Off Buying Options

The biggest mistake made by parents who hand over their gadgets to their kids is they leave the option to buy turned on. Children will take the opportunity to buy a new game, and they may not even realise that they are doing it! Always ensure that you turn off 1 click purchasing on, or you could end up ordering products that you don’t even want and a massive bill. Wherever you shop online ensure that you sign out of your account after each purchase.

  1. Get it Insured

So many people choose not to purchase insurance these days however this is a fatal error especially if you have children. Usually a basic product warranty will not cover accidental damage and this is something that you need when children use electronics. You can find fantastic insurance deals at that include accidental damage. If there’s one thing that will save you money in the long run it is purchasing insurance.

  1. Helpful Apps

There are apps that can help to protect your child from accessing inappropriate content.  An app called Kytephone allows you to check the online activity of children, check it out by heading to You can even set up timers on games so you can limit the time they actually spend using your gadget.

Ensure that you protect your children whilst also protecting your gadget. Smartphones and tablets really are fantastic devices that can encourage learning and fun, so just make sure that you follow these steps and then your gadget could last a lifetime, well, at least for a few years!

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Theatre and Your Child’s Education

When it comes to theatre many will think of entertainment as the primary goal of many shows and for the most part this is correct. But theatre has much more to offer than just this and thanks to the focus that many plays receive from the school curriculum (as part of the English Syllabus), theatre can also have an educational benefit as well. In many cases this could apply to any Shakespearean play arriving on the stage, but it can apply to others as well as many playwrights have found their work in the classroom.

But starting with Shakespeare the West End (and other London theatres) regularly features a play from the Bard or two. In 2011, for example, audiences flocked to the Wyndham’s Theatre to witness David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing, whilst the Haymarket Theatre was also the home to The Tempest with Ralph Fiennes in a lead role. Meanwhile venues like the Old Vic Theatre also welcomed the likes of Richard III and more, making London a great place to visit stand-out plays with educational value.

But other important playwrights can also have their work staged in the capital, such as Arthur Miller (The Crucible, Broken Glass, All My Sons) or Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot). In the case of the former, The Crucible appeared at the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park in 2010, Broken Glass at the Vaudeville Theatre in 2011 and All My Sons at the Apollo Theatre in 2010.

So there is a lot to find in the West End and other London theatres that will provide a great educational twist to the already-memorable trip to see a stand-out show.

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