April 1, 2015

The Mum’s Essential Christmas Checklist

Christmas is a very stressful time of the year but there are some easy ways to make it all that easier.

The big events like a the turkey are a given but often you can forget the details which help make Christmas magical. Making alist good to have things like that on standby. of all the details though is a good way non of the little things get forgotten.

List one: food
You’ll remember the big things like the turkey, sausages and mince pies, but don’t forgot to see how stocked up you are on potatoes for roasting, Brussels sprouts because even though no one really eats them they have to be there, and soft drinks because the kids need a drink too
Boxes of celebrations and quality streets are always a staple too
don’t forget gravy granules just in case you run out of the homemade stuff. It’s a really good idea to have things like that on standby.
Ice cream, pouring cream and custard are always good to have in, because there will always be someone who would rather have cream than ice creams because they have sensitive teeth or the difficult person who can’t stand custard.
Even though you may have all the food you need, do you have all the cutlery, crockery and roasting tins you need to cook and present the food? Make sure you do else you’ll be serving things rather unceremoniously out of the pan! Not very befitting of Christmas day!

List two: presents.
A bin bag is handy to collect all the plastic packing toys come in nowadays
Batteries in all variations are going to make you the most popular person too when everyone realises they cant use their toys till they have an energy source.
Other electrical like HDMI cables and controllers are good to have spare I case all the children decide to have a Wii competition.
Extra generic presents for unexpected guests or if you get an unexpected gift and need to reciprocate the gesture. Boxes of shortbread or luxury biscuits are a good choice because they are pretty versatile and pretty much anyone likes a biscuit.
Receipts. Keep them all. Chances are you’ll have present repeats so its best to keep them so you can return things you don’t need or want anymore.

List three: medical supplies
You don’t want anyone to get ill on Christmas day but its good to have your medical supplies topped up in case of an emergency.
Heartburn medicine- everybody’s guilty of overindulgence at Christmas
Plasters for when the kids get overzealous with their toys
Lemsips for those who are still a bit sniffly but keeping on a brave face because it’s Christmas
Paracetamol for the inevitable headache which will follow the family argument that happens every year

Have all this and you’re sure to have a cracking Christmas without anything forgotten!



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