March 28, 2015

Creating your child’s own Craft

Making your own jewellery can be exciting and fills you with a sense of accomplishment, especially if you have made something that would have cost you more than double the price in the shops. Making jewellery for family’s and friends’ birthday presents is an expensive yet thoughtful gesture, and you really can make someone’s day.  So why not help someone else learn the art of jewellery making, perhaps they will even craft something to make for you.

It’s easy to buy children countless plastic toys and video games and whatever else is the latest ‘must have’ item, but teaching them something as simple as making their own jewellery can add hours of entertainment as well as something to be proud of as a result. Available materials on the market make it near impossible to not find something that takes your fancy, and to get your children interested in jewellery making. From friendship bracelets to earrings, there are many things for you and your child to enjoy making together.

A popular style of jewellery for all ages at the moment is the charm bracelet,  but they can be rather expensive to buy, and that’s even without all the charms. By making your own charm bracelets, you can save hundreds of pounds, and make something that is really unique and stands out from the crowd, to keep for you, your child or to give to a friend, or family member. Incorporating ideas such as Swarovski beads and glass pearls can really make your, or your child’s jewellery piece unique.

The idea about getting children to craft their own jewellery gives them a skill like no other, they learn to be creative with their designs, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Achieving different levels of complexity and development of patterning and matching are just a few of the accomplishments your child will gain in learning to design and make their own special pieces, for years to come.

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